Saturday, November 5, 2022

November 2022 OGRES MC Meeting Report


Charlie  T. McWheezer

Our new OMC prospect, Charlie T. McWheezer, showed up to the OMC Meeting just prior to commencement. He should make a great addition to the Club if he passes his probation.

OMC members present: Bomber, Grim, G-Man, Smooth, Rowdy and Duke. OMC members absent: Krome, RipCity, Slick and Gundy.

The meeting was late in starting due to DoorDash never showing up with our Flying Pie Pizza. When I called Flying Pie 30 minutes after the pizza was scheduled to arrive, they said DoorDash had never showed up for it. They said they would make fresh pizza and I started to leave to get it. Rowdy volunteered his daughter to make the errand so we could start the meeting. Many thanks to her for her willingness. So as it turned out, we ended up with double pizza as DoorDash and Rowdy's daughter showed up with pizza almost at the same time.

We went through the OMC 2023 Calendar of Runs and Events and hard copies were dispersed to all present OMC members. An electronic copy of the aforementioned OMC Calendar will be emailed to all members. Absent OMC members should check the OMC Calendar closely as there are a few important changes.

The New Year's Day breakfast will be held on Saturday. December 31st, at 9 am. at the Capri Cafe on McMillan at Linder.

All reservations at all overnight OMC Run hotels can be made at this time, including Joseph.

The Summer Run has been moved back a week so we don't have to compete with the other motorcycle club and car show enthusiasts for reservations.

The Fall Run has a new starting point.

And more...

It was a great meeting and Grim hasn't laughed that hard for a long time.

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