Monday, January 23, 2023

OGRES MC January 2023 Meeting Report


The OGRES Motorcycle Club 2023 January Meeting was held at the appointed place and time. Members present: Smooth, Bomber, Grim, Rowdy, Gundy, G-Man and RipCity. Members absent: Duke, Slick and Krome.

RipCity was 20 minutes late and texted to start without him. It's tough to have a gift exchange without everyone being present so we talked s@#t about him until he arrived.

A very nice gift exchange was held and the new format was a great deal more pleasant. Some very nice gifts were enjoyed by all members.

We talked about the efficacy of getting a OMC Run reservations made at this time. There was more discussion of Club business but it won't be related here.

All members then went next door to the restaurant and enjoyed a very nice meal in the best of company.

The next event is Valentines Day with the spouses. Details to follow.

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