Wednesday, July 12, 2023

OGRES Motorcycle Club 2023 July Mandatory Meeting Report

The meeting began more or less on time after we all checked out Smooth's new trike. It is a very cool machine that strongly resembles the Indy cars of the Barney Oldfield era. Way bitchin'.

Members present: G-Man, RipCity, Rowdy, Smooth, Grim, Bomber and eventually Gundy. Members absent: Slick, Krome, and Duke.

A short business meeting was held with RipCity presiding. We discussed upcoming rides and reservations. Then we adjourned that location to ride over to Nampa for Mexican food.

Bomber had forgotten that he was in a motorcycle club and had driven his car to the meeting. G-Man didn't want Bomber to ride alone so he abandoned his motorcycle to ride with Bomber. Riding alone is a car is different that riding alone in a car!?!?!? Lol.

RipCity did an excellent job of leading the Club through the traffic and out into the countryside. We lost Smooth and the Thueson Cage and RipCity wisely waited until we cleared the traffic to allow them to catch up. We also were treated with a train passing a crossing on our way to Nampa. That is always good luck and Grim loves trains.

We had a very nice meal with attentive and lovely servers. Much trash was talked about the missing OGRES members and stories were related.

Rip City did a great job planning and executing this meeting. His leadership on the road was great. Grim feels he should take over the lead mantel for all OGRES activities in the future.

Nuff said.


Words by Grim

Photos by RipCity

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