Saturday, March 9, 2024

OGRES MC 2024 March Meeting Report


It was a splendid early spring evening to backdrop the OGRES MC meeting and menagerie. Gundy showed up in his bitchin' 41 Dodge and we all were able to check it out. Very cool.

Members present: Rowdy, G-Man, Grim, Duke, Smooth, Bomber, RipCity and Gundy. Member absent: Slick.

The meeting was preceded by G-Man attempting to give away a great boat but no one was able to take advantage of the "free" boat.

We then discussed the upcoming season of OMC Runs. All were encouraged to make all reservations. In a month, Grim will call Joseph and release all rooms not taken. The Runs will transpire as outlined on the website and OMC member manuals.

We then had a short training on the basics of handgun proper grip, front sight usage and trigger control. We especially talked about trigger reset and how to take advantage of it. We also discussed the pros and cons of red dot sights on pistols.

Some members were about to pass out due to hunger so we quickly adjourned next door to the OGRES approved eating establishment. We had a great server, Meghan, and we quickly had our food delivered before the demise of any OMC member. Ice cream was had by many members to round out the evening.

Thanks to G-Man for the use of the barn and to RipCity for his photos and entertainment.

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