Saturday, March 30, 2013

First Ride of the Year

Last night Duke asked me what time we were riding tomorrow.  I immediately put out an e-mail to the Club to get out the troops to ride.

Rip City just had knee surgery earlier in the day (too much prayin'), Krome was on his Street Glide in Oregon with Sonjia, Smooth had changed his e-mail address and G-Man didn't know of the e-mail until I texted him about another Club matter.

After the dust settled...Duke, Smooth, G-Man and myself left the McDonalds at Linder and Chinden around 11 a.m.  We rode through Star, Middleton, Notus, Wilder (Rip City's old stompin' grounds), Homedale and stopped in Marsing for some food.  We pulled up to Caba's restaurant alongside a multitude of Harleys.  On the sidewalk were members of the Iron Cross Warriors, the Iron Warriors and other sundry bikers.  We faced off with the other Clubs and a rumble almost broke out.  In fact, an Iron Warrior from Bridgeport, Connecticut almost talked us to death and we barely got out of there because he wouldn't shut up regaling us about the wonders of this and that.

The upshot was that Caba's has closed their restaurant and turned the whole space into a bar that also allows smoking.  Not where we wanted to be.  We went next door to a new restaurant that said Pizza on the building.  Turns out more than pizza is served and we had a meal better than any I have had at Caba's.

We climbed back aboard our bikes and one of the OGRES grew lace panties and headed straight home to make peace with his wife since he had deserted her during the cleaning of the garage.  I am not going to mention any name.

Duke, Smooth and I headed to Walter's Ferry on the south side of the river and then rode through Kuna where we stopped for much needed dipped ice cream cones at the Arctic Circle.

Reluctantly, we all headed home after that.  No ride is ever long enough.

Yeah, I know.

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