Monday, April 8, 2013

Make Your Challis Reservations Now !

Challis Hot Springs Spring Run

At the last meeting, the Prez advised the attending members that all the rooms were currently in his name at Challis Hot Springs.  The Prez was fine with this but all members were asked to RSVP with him so that all 7 rooms could be accounted for.  (See the Blog Post of the March 7 Meeting Report.)  As of now, only Duke has RSVPed. 

G-Man sort of RSVPed by asking if he and his brother, Bomber, could have the two bed room on the main floor but I wasn't sure of the commitment. will want to call and reserve that room ASAP if you want it.

So the Prez called Gretchen today and gave her his and Duke's credit card information to hold their rooms.  All the other rooms are fair game.  There are seven total rooms.  Duke and I have two of the seven.  You do the math.

If you need the information about the OMC Spring Challis run and such, go here:

The number for the Challis Hot Springs is (208) 879-4442.

I hope everyone can make it.  It is a great ride and destination.

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