Wednesday, June 12, 2013

OMC 2013 Spring Ride Report

President Grim
Ogres and Guests
(L. to R.) Jay, G-Man, Lance, Duke Krome, Chris, Grim, Brennan,
Rip City, Nolan, Smooth, Bomber and Big Easy

The OMC 2013 Spring Run began almost as planned on Friday morning.  Present: Duke, Grim, Rip City, Bomber, Big Easy, Smooth and Krome.  Guests: Jay, Lance, Nolan, Chris and Brennan.  Absent:  Zeus.

The main group left the starting point belatedly after V.P. G-Man finally arrived to get the show on the road. G-man, Rip City, Smooth, Big Easy, Krome, Bomber, Chris and Jay were in the initial group. Club members who are on time (early) are hereby cleared to leave the V.P. behind when the starting time arrives.

The ride to Arco reportedly was uneventful and the group stopped to eat at Pickles in Arco.  I have not received the official group shot by the giant rocking chair as of yet.  One lady at the restaurant did identify the members as the Orgies.  Hopefully they were not demonstrating the name at the time.  As far as I know the first group arrived at the Challis Hot Springs without incident.

Grim, Duke, Lance, Nolan and Brennan left Boise at 1100 hrs.  The late start was due to a business emergency on the part of the guests and a philanthropic mission on the part of the members.  We stopped for gas at Picabo and the President neglected to tell the rest of the guys that lunch was in Arco. Hence, the others had ordered lunch although the Sergeant at Arms had taken this trip before and knew the drill.  However, the President is very flexible and quickly ordered food.  This group continued on through Arco, a quick pit stop in Mackay (where Duke lost his glasses), and on to Challis Hot Springs.

The two groups were united at Challis and friendly jibes and lies were exchanged.  All the rooms were full and after a great meal put on by Pam and Dave, our stomachs were also full.  Shortly after dinner, the pool was soon full of OGRES.  More lies and jibes followed with some rule breaking in the form of tossed rocks.  Or maybe those rocks just dropped out of the heavens.  Yeah, that's it.

Krome, Chris, Smooth, Grim and Rip City soon adjourned to the Octagon for a friendly game of cards. Rip City had two Diet Pepsi bottles in a vain attempt to stay awake so his fellow card players would not have to protect him from himself.  A curfew of 12 midnight was set for the end of the game.  As luck would have it, Rip City did not make it to the witching hour "donating" his chips to the other players.  Pure humility and good manners precludes me from disclosing who the "big" winner turned out to be.

I apologize as I don't know what others activities transpired during the game.  I do know G-Man was present for a little tutoring in the art of card playing so he will be in on the game at Hagerman.  Bring your money, V.P.

The next morning found the club in the pool around 7 a.m.  The fresh water felt grand and it was difficult to get out but breakfast called at 8 a.m.  Kathy had fixed a great coffee cake and hash brown/cheese/meat delight in a pan.  (I can't remember what she called it.....much more grand of a name.)  We left way too much food behind but motorcycles have a weight limit.

The thirteen strong motorcade left the Hot Springs after the obligatory photography session and goodbyes to the staff.  Gretchen, Bob and Lorna were missed by the Club as they were out of town for the duration of our visit.  A short safety briefing preceded our departure.

The sight of the sixteen motorcycles along the way was very cool and we passed a lot of riders going the other way.  Sailing was smooth until the Club ventured upon a scene from Rawhide.  There were cattle along the road between Challis and Clayton and after the bovines were spooked they crossed the road many times amongst the riders.  Everyone made it past the beasts without collision and we rolled in safely to Stanley.  No regrouping was needed as it seemed most of the traffic was uphill and not down.

The Club and guests continued on to Lowman running into only one "bump in the road" where there had been a landslide and the road was down to one lane.  We caught up to the motorcycle that had passed us earlier.  I was pretty sure it was a Yamahaaa as I could smell the rice burning when the couple aboard passed us.

We rolled into Crouch and had to park in various areas because the business parking lots we parked in last year had blocked their parking with chairs and such! Molotov cocktails were in order but glass bottles are hard to find.

Some had barbecue and some did not.  The service was lousy but the ribs were tasty.  It's a good thing we were not in a hurry.  I was disappointed that Rip did not model his foreskin shirt as he has in years past at this juncture in the trip.  Duke...thanks again for lunch.

We loaded back up and continued down to the lowlands.  Our large group had stayed together pretty much the whole way.  I think the lack of the motorcycle rally in Crouch and the Lyle Pearson bicycle race being moved the previous week cut down on the traffic greatly and made for some smooth sailing.

A smooth ride and a great time.  And no one got arrested.  That I know of.

Rip City....thanks for being my wingman.

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