Saturday, June 22, 2013

OMC Iron Butt Ride 2013

Our intrepid Vice President, G-Man, pulled the trigger and started his solo adventure on June 21st at 5:30 a.m.  He officially was not late since he was the only one riding!  G-Man rode until 1:15 on June 22nd.  His route included Pendleton, Deer Lodge, Dillon and Jerome.

That's 19 hours and 45 minutes on the bike for 1232 miles.  G-Man did stop for a 15 minute lunch break and a 20 minute supper break.  (Hopefully there were some other breaks.)  This set a new record for consecutive miles for G-Man.  A gauntlet has been thrown.  At least to me.

There is that old saying:  If you want to travel far, travel with others.  If you want to travel fast, travel alone.

Nicely done, V.P. !

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