Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Choice for OMC Members

2014 Indian Chieftain Faired Hard Bagger

Since all OMC members AND prospects are required to own and ride a motorcycle produced by a North American manufacturer, the choices have increased with the reintroduction of the Indian motorcycle line.  Interestingly enough, Polaris is the money behind the line of Indian Motorcycles as they are for the Victory motorcycles.

Now OMC members and prospects now have three choices of production motorcycles:  Harley-Davidson, Victory or Indian.  You are not a prospect unless you OWN one of the three.

The new Indians look pretty cool and I would like to try the 111 cubic inch engine, blue tooth stereo system and electrically adjustable windshield.  Iconic styling.

One of each brand would work for me if I could afford it.

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