Thursday, August 29, 2013

OMC 2013 Summer Run Report

Krome, Rip City, G-Man and Bomber at the Garage Cafe

Bomber, Krome and Rip City at the Owyhee Reservoir

Rip City, Bomber, Big Easy, and Krome at Billingsley Creek Lodge

Krome, Big Easy, Rip City and Bomber at the Gorge

Krome, G-Man, Big Easy, Rip City and Bomber at Galena Summit

Galena Summit

Rip City, Krome, Big Easy and Bomber at Red Fish Lake

The 2013 OMC Summer Run went down on the 19th and 20th of July.  About 541 miles were logged along with maximum fun.  Present:  Big Easy, G-Man, Rip City, Bomber and Krome.  Absent:  Grim, Duke, Zeus and Smooth.

Friday, 19th 

Met at the Chevron Station at Eagle and State Street.  Fantastic weather !  Those meeting there: G-Man, Bomber, Krome.

Arrived at Notus for Breakfast at the Garage CafĂ©, and met up with Rip.  Had a GREAT breakfast, as usual, and could hardly finish it.  Pictures afterward outside, with Rip doing his “BlueMan” impression.  Left at about 9:00 headed west.  

Diverted to Wilder to look at Rip’s childhood home and his Dad’s Pharmacy location.  Decided to head to Adrian, Oregon.  Once there, the morning so beautiful, we decided to head to Owyhee Reservoir.  Relaxed at the top of the dam, and then decided to continue to the marina at the other end.  Not too much there, but with Rip’s luck, we found a future “store” being prepared, and the Ranger offered us free Soda from last years stock.  As it was getting pretty hot out, it tasted pretty good.  

We soaked our vests in the sprinklers and headed back out the way we came, but diverted another way to the main highway, and stopped at the Owyhee Junction store, and snacked.  Getting HOT.  Headed south to just west of Marsing, gassed up and bought some more cold sodas and ice creams.  

Then we headed south as if going to Winnamuca, Nevada.  Pretty soon we hit the Summer Camp road turnoff, leaving 95 and followed it to 78 near Givens Hot Springs.  We rode until we hit Grandview.

Grandview for lunch.  Again, great food and visited for an hour or so in the air-conditioned restaurant.  Left an hour later, and my bike thermometer said 108 degrees in Bruneau, and headed on East on 78 to Hammett.

At Hammett, we knew that Big Easy was in Glenns Ferry waiting for us, and so we got on I-84 for a quick approach.  We met Big Easy and friend Van at the main grocery store, and caught them snoozing.  They had come on the freeway and been waiting for an hour or so.  Soaked our vests in the sink of the bathrooms, and headed on down the road to King Hill.  

Took a Ranch Road Loop there and finally got to Bliss, and dropped down to Hagerman.  On the way, we passed some kids that were messing around and crashed their old pickup into an orchard and really messed up the front end of their pick-up.  As we got to Billingsley Creek Lodge, we saw the police headed their way.  

At Billingsley, they had lost G-Man and Bombers room reservation.  She said the whole town was sold out.  We asked her to call the main motel in town, and they did have a room.  It was really nice.  An hour later Big Easy lead us to the town “swimming hole”, known as Fisher Lake, the old Vardis Fisher homestead.  Water was cold but really crystal clear and refreshing.  Supper at about 8:30 and to bed early.  Not sure if there was a card game or not at Billingsley.

Saturday, 20th

Breakfast at Billingsley, and the owners invited G-Man and Bomber for free.  It was fantastic as usual, with the fruit and cake, etc.

Headed down the road, just north of Billingsley, quickly up the grade to the top of the bluff, and then a few moments later to  Malad Gorge State Park, to look at the Devils Washbowl from the walking bridge.  Then we headed across the freewa I-84, and due north to Highway 26 east of Bliss, and headed to Gooding, gassed and got munchies, and soaked our vests with a hose at the side of the station. 

Then due north on 46 till we got just east of  Fairfield, then east on 20 till we hit the 75 Junction, and on north to Ketchum.  Munchies again at the Veltex station in town, and then on north to Galena Summit.  

Took some pictures, and a guy drove up and said that a “biker” just rolled off the highway about a mile down from the overlook.  We headed down to see if we could help. He was dazed, and had ridden his dual sport too hard in an inside corner, going to fast passing some cars, and rode off into the brush at the side of the road.  Driver he passed said the bike flipped twice with him rolling with it.  Another driver loaded him into his front seat, with some of his baggage and took him to be checked.  We then pulled his bike out of the hole it was down in. 

Stopped at Redfish Lake Lodge for lunch.  Great tacos and burgers outside and at the lawn tables.  Fun watching people and shooting the breeze…. 

Gas and restrooms at Stanley, lots of traffic.

Stop at Chevron in Garden Valley, more gas, more eats, and more fun…

Quick stop to say good-by at the Horseshoe Bend Chevron, and we then took off over the pass and waved good-by at State Street.  

See all of the Pics by G-Man.
Another GREAT ride, even though the weather was really HOT, but the “soaker” vests made it just fine.

By Guest Blogger:  V.P. G-Man

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