Tuesday, May 6, 2014

OMC Meeting Report May 1, 2014

The OMC Meeting started promptly (sort of) at 7 p.m. at the Clubhouse on Fairview.  Present:  Duke, G-Man, Big Easy, Smooth, Bomber and Grim.  Absent: Zeus, Krome and Rip City.

I either buy too much pizza or not enough.  It is better to buy too much, I decided.

The first item of business was discussing the differences and similarities of OMC guests and OMC Prospects.  A separate e-mail with a bullet list pertaining to both will be sent tomorrow.  It was a great discussion.  The mindset appropriately and correctly proposed was that folks outside the OMC membership should always be treated as guests.  The P word (prospect) is not spoken outside the Club membership prematurely.  More to come.

G-Man came up with a three day ride to supplant the OMC Summer Run in July.  Details will be e-mailed and ride specifics will be posted on the OMC website in the next few days.  The OMC Summer Run will be on the same days as before but it will be a three day ride by adding the Thursday preceding the current dates.  More to come.

A portion of the meeting was properly spent bad mouthing and telling lies about the members not in attendance.  All content will be denied if brought up by any of the members not in attendance.

Remember that when confronted with an accusation, one should:

1.      Act surprised.
2.      Deny involvement.
3.      Make counter accusations
4.      Demand an apology.

The upcoming OMC events are greatly anticipated.  It promises to be a great riding summer.

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