Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Prospects and Guests Clarified

The agreed upon mindset by those that attended the meeting is that OMC members do not even talk about Prospects or Prospecting with any guests prematurely.  The Club President shall explicitly open this discussion after consulting with OMC members in good standing.

The main mission is the protection of the current membership and status quo that exists amongst the "First Nine".


1.        A guest who has been given a verbal face-to-face invitation to “prospect” by the Club President and who has accepted the invitation. 

2.       E-mail notification, via the President's blog, shall be sent to all members.

3.       Must be 45 years of age or older.

4.       Must own a Harley-Davidson, Victory or Indian motorcycle.

5.       Must be of the male gender.

6.       Probationary period will vary depending on the prospect’s background, exposure to the Club members and how well the prospect was previously known by Club members.

7.       Prospects ride at the back of the pack.

8.       Males who meet the above conditions may attend OGRES meetings and functions in a solo manner.


1.       Anyone who does not meet the above conditions of a prospect.

2.       May attend OMC Sanctioned rides only if:

a.       Approved explicitly beforehand in a timely manner by the Club President.

b.      Shall be accompanied by the hosting/inviting Club Member.

c.       Guests will always ride at the back of the pack accompanied by the inviting member.

3.       Guests shall not be invited nor shall they ever attend OMC mandatory meetings.

4.       Club members should use strong discretion and careful screening as to who they invite to OMC sanctioned rides and events.  OMC members should use the following criteria (not exhaustive):

a.       How well will the guest fit in with the rest of the Club members?

b.      What brand and model motorcycle does the guest ride?

c.       What is the guests riding style and how long have they been riding?

d.      What percentage of teeth does the guest possess?

Contact Grim is you have any questions, concerns or complaints.

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