Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2014 OMC Spring Run Report

Bomber, Big Easy, Guest, Duke, Grim, G-Man, RIP-Fluffy-Rock-Crispy-#5-Spandex-Rice Burner-Sleep Early-Sheepdog-5 Card Draw-Chamberless .45-Waistband ..38-Thin Skin-CITY, Zeus and Guest

The 2014 OMC Summer Run began at 0930 hrs. due to Grim and Duke attending a Boy Scout event honoring Grim's father.  We left the Chevron and headed east.  It was actually a nice time to start for this Run and will probably be the departure time for the future.  G-Man was 3 minutes early for the beginning of the Run but 13 minutes late for the safety briefing.

Present:  Duke, G-Man, Grim, Bomber, Zeus, Rip City (I'm not repeating the entire nickname shown above) and guest, Big Easy and guest.  Absent: Smooth and Krome.

Big Easy and his guest had decided they were stopping for photos ops at every historical marker along the route.  Interesting activity for a group ride.

It was a nice ride up through the Camas Prairie to the Timmerman Hill rest stop where we rested our butts and such before continuing on.  Bomber shared one of the snacks he always seems to have on board.

G-Man aka Scarecrow zoomed ahead of us and fueled at Picabo while the rest of us stopped for fuel at Carey.  Rip City had told him it was 42 miles to Carey...and Scarecrow believed him...!

We all stopped at Pickles Place in Arco for lunch and we all had manly meals, like bison burgers and such, except Rip City.  Rip City had a delicious meal of grilled tuna, fried pickles and a strawberry shake.  Delightful.

We then headed on to Mackay and on through to the Challis Hot Springs.  Gretchen was there to greet us, although Rip City didn't recognize Gretchen...strange as they are pretty close.  We got checked in and jumped in the pool for a long soak before dinner.  I don't know who won the lie telling contest in the was that close.

Gretchen served up a wonderful meal along with homemade ice cream and fudge syrup.  It would be nice to have that setup on all the Runs.

A card game broke out after dinner while others hit the pool or generally layed about.  All I know is that 7 Card Stud became a favorite with the low spade in the hole splitting the pot.  One memorable hand was when one player had a pair of sixes and a 2 of spades in the hole while another player had a 3 of spades in the hole while betting heavily.  It was very funny...I don't care who you are...unless you were the one with the 3 of spades in the hole who lost everything except his form fitting clothing.

Everyone had a great nights sleep and we were treated to the usual wonderful Gretchen breakfast in the morning.  Bomber made sure to get some muffins for the trip home to tide us over.  We left and went to Challis for gas, checking out the car show on our way out.  Except for Grim who had to go back to the Hot Springs to fetch a forgotten lid.

Stanley, Idaho and the Sawtooth Mountains

We stopped in Stanley for a break and checked out the snow covered Sawtooth Mountain Range.  In my opinion,iIt is the most beautiful, majestic mountain range in the world.  We continued over Banner Summit and into Lowman.

Just as we reached the turnoff to Garden Valley, in Lowman, Big Easy and his guest were waiting for us there.  As we rolled up preparing to make the right turn, a very large deer was running pell mell for myself and Rip City.  Miraculously the deer skidded to a stop upon hearing Rip City's obnoxious motorcycle exhaust pipes and reversed direction scampering back the opposite way.  Phew...!

We then continued on to Garden Valley gassing up at the Chevron.  Then we moseyed into the quaint town of Crouch and decided to try a different restaurant from the Longhorn.  I think it was called The Dirty Shame Saloon - Cafe.   And it was a dirty shame.  After waiting 1 1/2 hours for our food, my surmise that we should have left came true.  I manage to choke my cold rack of ribs down but will never eat there again.  However, Rip City had a "wonderful" pair of burgers.

We then went our merry way to Highway 55 and made our final stop at the Chevron at Highway 55 and Beacon Light.  I told Big Easy and guest how much I had enjoyed riding riding with them on the Run.  Just kidding, I think they rode about 50 miles with us out of the 493 miles travelled.

All in all, a great Run with great people.  Gretchen is retiring in September so this was our last year with her.  I hope her replacements will be up to filling her shoes.

I am proud to be an part of the OGRES MC.  It appeared as though all enjoyed the Run.  Especially those with a few more bucks in their pockets.

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