Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guests: Part Two


Guests are to ride at the back of the pack with their host OMC member.  On the Spring Run, "well meaning" OMC members were waving host OMC members and their guests forward in the pack.

Don't do that.

I know everyone likes the back but don't do that.  At one point, a guest was right behind the lead rider causing a "yo-yo effect" as they weren't comfortable in the curves.  And this lead rider takes the curves slow to try to alleviate too much "yo-yo effect".

I chewed out the offending OMC member who advised me other OMC members waved them forward.

If you are host OMC member, don't let "well meaning" OMC members wave you forward.  The host OMC member has ultimate responsibility for their guest.  OMC hosts are responsible for telling the guest the ride order, and why, as to not make it a OMC member elitist thing.

Look at it this way, would you rather the guest crash behind you...or in front of you possibly "taking you out" also.  Our two guests on the last run had 1 year and 3 months riding experience respectively.  We don't know most guest's respective skill levels.


Just so you know, no more than one guest per Run per OMC member.  No surprises.


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