Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rat Fink Dream

Touring motorcycles are very comfortable, convenient and carry a lot of stuff.  I like my FLHX but it doesn't stir my soul.  For long trips touring bikes can't be beat.

Bare bones bikes like this one are what I really love.  All the mechanical stuff in plain sight, oil filter hanging on the side, slick bars, dual carbs, brass risers, panhead motor, springer front end with twisted legs, suicide shifter, hard tail frame, hand tooled seat and great fishtail pipes.

I still have a bunch of Rat Fink stuff from growing up in the 60s.  Rat Fink rocks.  Thanks Larry.


  1. RIP thinks of easy rider Peter Fondas blues the bike ….my first love affair

  2. I remember the TV show when he built this. It was really a creative process in his head. He even twisted the steel for the front springer spring support in his shop. He was really a fabricator. When I was riding years ago, and watching him do his “stunts”, he was probably some of my inspiration for hands off the handlebars crazyness… I really like the look of this pan, and the suicide shift, fish-tail pipe ends, clean handlebars, paint of course, and of especially all of the gleaming chrome.