Saturday, January 2, 2016

OGRES Annual New Years Day Brunch 2016

Intrepid Rip City Braving the Cold and Ice

Rip City, Bomber, Grim, Duke and G-Man met up at the Egg Factory in Nampa at the appointed time.  Actually, the Sergeant at Arms arrived 35 minutes early to wait in line for our table as the restaurant was slammed with competing diners.  Rip City was the only one who had the courage to ride his Indian as the rest of us wussed out.

While waiting, we shared Christmas stories and bragged about all the cool presents we had received.  Bomber and G-Man have both joined the Sig 938 Club, within the OMC, and a search for an appropriate patch will have to commence.  Duke and G-Man talked about business and stuff even though it was a holiday but Duke picked up the check so my making fun stops here.  Not.

We had a great brunch which included a short discussion about going to monthly meetings instead of every other month.  The mandatory meetings on the odd months will stay the same.  One suggestion was to make the meetings non-mandatory and come up with a cool ride or restaurant on the even months.  RSVPs would be fielded by the Vice President so enough participants would be confirmed prior to the meetings.  This topic will be discussed further with a vote at the next OMC mandatory meeting on January 14th.

We missed Smooth, Big Easy and Krome but trash-talked them mercilessly to help us deal with their absence.

Next meeting is in a couple of weeks on the 14th of January.  Bring your $45 for dues and very cool new long-sleeved OMC shirt.

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  1. Great life being an ogre
    Rip got his name because his New Year's Day polar bear riding over alls sports a ripped cuff ,..... Burr ¥