Saturday, January 16, 2016

OMC January 2016 Meeting Report

Rip City with 3 Handguns and 2 Knives (May or May Not Have Been Loaded)

The meeting convened at the appointed time at the Clubhouse on Fairview.  Present:  G-Man, Bomber, Grim, Smooth, Rip City, Krome, Big Easy and Duke.  Absent: Zeus.

Smooth showed up in his old school step-side pickup truck that is a target for theft.  Don't look at Grim's house cuz he will have it hidden elsewhere.

The meeting started with the devouring of the much coveted Taco Bell grub generously provided by Duke.  It was unanimously voted that this food arrangement be continued into the future as Taco Bell is a real treat for OGRES.  Krome brought beverages in the cutest little cans and G-Man brought Krispy Kreme.  It was better than a Thanksgiving spread.  Thanks Duke, Krome and G-Man!

Rip City won the "most weapons on your body contest" with three handguns and two knives.  At least two of the three handguns were loaded.  He also won the prize for the most diversity: .45 ACP, 9 mm and .38 special.  A short primer on the proper placement of thumb break straps was given by Grim along with a group discussion on the proper sizing of leg holsters.

Big Easy won, by far, the contest for the largest hogleg with the longest barrel and the biggest caliber.  His 7.5 inch .44 magnum was impressive and Grim wanted to leave with it due to the old school flat-top design.  The silver finish was yummy.

G-Man showed off his new Hogue-gripped 9 mm pistol.  I believe he might be the only one in the Club that has that make and model.  Just kidding.

While munching down the food of the Gods, a discussion was held about Universities in a far off State and their differences of opinion about sportsmanship and accountability.  The discussion was over Grim's head as there is only one University in his universe.  Yep, it's in Moscow, Idaho.

Members were reminded of the upcoming OGRES Night at the Stampede on February 19th.  More information can be found on the President's Blog at this link:

The next order of business was to come to an agreement about the pre-proposed creation of social meetings on the even months of the year.  The following is what was proposed and unanimously voted for:

-  Non-mandatory socials will be held on the even months of the year except for June and August.
-  They will be held on the first Thursday of the even month unless otherwise notified.
-  Socials will begin at 6 p.m. at the Clubhouse on Fairview.
-  The Vice President will be in charge of creating and organizing the agenda of the socials.
-  Members shall RSVP with the Vice President outside of 48 hours of the event for planning.
-  The Vice President will send out a reminder and agenda within a week of the Social.
-  No guests are allowed.

We then discussed the current dues situation of the Club.  It was proposed and unanimously voted that Club dues increase to $50 a year effective immediately.  Dues were then collected and the new OGRES t-shirts were dispersed to the members.  Rip City is modeling the new Salute Apparel t-shirt above in size Women Small.  Rip City is also sporting his new Spec Ops hat made by Salute Apparel.

Members were then encouraged to get their reservations made for the Spring, Summer and Fall Runs.  It was noted that the Orofino reservations might be the most time sensitive.

It was also found that there were some mistakes on the events calendar.  As of this writing, the Events Calendar on the OMCS website is completely up to date with all dates of the Socials, Barbecue and OGRES Night at the Stampede.  This link:

A challenge coin challenge was made with only one member unable to respond to the challenge.  Names will not be mentioned but since the member had already brought Taco Bell for the gang, it all came out in the wash.

Last but not least, door prizes were drawn and prizes passed out.  Rip City won again and I believe he is undefeated having won every drawing.  Makes you wonder.  He should probably buy lottery tickets.

Stayed tuned for news about the upcoming February Social and other sources of Maximum Fun.

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