Wednesday, August 9, 2017

OMC August 2017 Meeting Report - Spouse's Barbecue at Bomber's Crib

Gundy, Duke, Rip City, Grim and Guests (Photographer: Bomber)

OMC members present: Grim, Rip City, Duke, Gundy and Bomber.  OMC members absent: G-Man, Smooth and Krome.

OMC members met at the appointed place and time for our annual Barbecue with our spouses.  Many, many thanks to Bomber and his lovely bride for the great hospitality.  

Members and guests first met in the formal garage for hors d'oeuvres.  We all had a nice chat while Bomber finished up the steaks on the new grill.

No one was trampled during the transition into the dining room although Grim had a free hand in moving around the place markers for the diners.  The boy/girl/boy/girl tradition, however, was upheld.  We were served the largest and most tasty steaks Grim has witnessed along with delicious green, fruit and quinoa salads.  It was a gastronomical delight and the best meal Grim has enjoyed for a long time.  

The conversation was witty, intelligent and mostly funny.  We spoke of homilies, politics, race and religion but no fist fights broke out and things remained calm.  

We sat around for quite some time, after the food was consumed, trading stories, lies and pointed insults/trash talk/disdain for the OMC members not in attendance.  At least 2/3s of the missing members had good excuses for not attending.  

After dinner, the guests checked out Mr. Bs collection of homemade pendants and marbles.  Each guest even left with a very nice bouquet of flowers in used moonshine jars.

The men adjourned to the driveway to talk cars, motorcycles and to further talk trash about the OMC members who were not in attendance.  I should not have been surprised, when the conversation turned to classic cars, to see the picture Rip City conjured up on his phone.  Bomber and I talked of the classic Bel Airs, DeSotos and Pontiac Chieftains that are the mainstays of American culture.  Rip City interjected with his phone picture of a Datsun B2000.  Holy cow.

I checked out the very cool Mustang in Bomber's garage but the car paled in comparison to the DeSoto parked next to it.  

As the evening waned, Bomber turned to Mrs. B and stated that they better go to bed so Grim could go home.  Grim got the hint and the screech of tires could be heard through the neighborhood as he departed.

Next year, the barbecue will be held in September again.  Perhaps then Krome will show up instead of celebrating his wedding anniversary and G-Man will hang with his OGRES brothers instead of doing a motorcycle trip with the Crash Riders.

Huge OGRES thanks again for Bomber and Mrs. B for hosting such a marvelous and fitting evening.  Wow.


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