Thursday, January 4, 2018

2018 New Years Day Ride/Breakfast Report

G-Man, Smooth, Duke, Bomber and Rip City (Photographer)

Intrepid OMC members met at the Egg Factory for the traditional OMC New Years Day Ride and/or Breakfast.

Present: Rip City, Bomber, G-Man, Smooth and Duke.  Absent: Grim, Krome and Gundy.  (I think Gundy's absence is Grim's fault as the wrong e-mail was inputted.).  (Gundy....let me know if you get this.)

Smooth exclaimed it was a great time and we needed to continue this event.  Other attendees agreed.

Rip City sent Grim a text, with the above picture, asking him where the heck he was.  Unfortunately, Grim had "spaced" the event even after really looking forward to it.  Grim was still sleeping and missed the text.  Dang.  Double demerits.

Next year for sure.  

See you at the meeting tonight.

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