Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 2018 OGRES MC Meeting Report

Door Prize

What a great meeting!  I believe the attending members achieved the mission statement of the OMC by have the maximum fun possible!

Present: Bomber, Grim, G-Man. Krome, Gundy and Duke.  Absent: Smooth and Rip City.

Duke brought his piping hot Doritos Tacos, regular tacos,burritos and cinnamon delights for our enjoyment.  And enjoy we did along with beverages furnished by G-Man.  Delicious!

Duke also shared a super bitchin' find that he had "stolen" from a local store.  The item was a beautiful blue finish with special limited engraving.  Wow!

Duke, Bomber, Gundy, G-Man, Bomber and Grim (photographer)

Grim passed out the new updated OMC Constitution and By-Laws and the members reviewed the contents and Grim discussed the updates that occurred due to recent voting changes by the members.

Dues were collected by Grim and he gave an accounting of where all the monies are spent.

We then discussed the upcoming OMC Events and Runs.  It was voted that March will not be a night out with the spouses due the the scarcity of meetings since we voted to only have meetings every other month.  Instead, we will come up with another activity, besides the September barbecue, to share with the spouses.

Members were invited to get their reservations in with the Challis Hot Springs for the Spring Run.  Grim has made his reservations but did NOT reserve the remainder of the rooms.  Each member is responsible for making their own reservations.

It was also discussed that the Summer Run would be traveled in reverse from previous years and reservations are the responsibility of each member.

Finally, discussion occurred reference the Fall Run.  Due to complications with other events in Joseph, the ride will occur on a Thursday and Friday the final week of August.  Reservations should be made, by each member, in a timely manner.  At the time of this meeting, all rooms were available except for the room already reserved by Grim.

G-Man, Krome, Gundy (mostly hidden), Bomber, Duke and Grim (photographer)

We then had our uproariously fun "white elephant" exchange.  Some of the "white elephant" gifts included a toy Harley-Davidson car, a $25 Lowes gift certificate, a Chevron "Patty Police" car, a book, cargo net, patches, stuff I can't remember and a $500 High Desert Harley-Indian gift certificate.  Yes, a $500 dollar gift certificate was given by and won by unnamed members.  Holy cow.  Grim said a superb "white elephant" gift and didn't state a dollar limit so the gift exchange was a little more interesting than usual.

G-Man, Krome, Gundy, Duke (just his leg), Bomber and 

Next a drawing was held for the door prize and Krome came out on top.  He won a complete set of Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary patches and pins that were released in 2003.  Grim had to take the Indian Anniversary patches home since the lone Indian owning member was not present to win.

G-Man had printed out some interesting looking maps but must have forgotten to share.  Grim hopes he brings them to the next meeting.

No doubt there was much more fun and witty repartee that occurred at the meeting as my ribs were sore from laughing so much.  Those who attended were the lucky recipients of all the fun including the trash talk that was directed at missing members.  Both were not present through no fault of their own.....but that really doesn't matter, does it?!

See all y'all at the next meeting or sooner.

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