Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lil Joes Legendary Leather Vests on eBay

I just found this vest on eBay.  It looks like it is the same vest from the same company, Lil Joes Legendary Leather, linked in my earlier posting.  The bidding starts at $175.00 on eBay rather than $299.00 on Lil Joe's website.  This auction is for a XXXL but the listing says to email for other sizes.

I wear a XXL in a Harley vest and everything I have read says to buy a Lil Joes vest one size bigger than your t-shirt size.  My t-shirt size is an XXL but I like 'em baggy.  The front patches, being shipped, look alot nicer on a vest with front pockets like this one.  These vests are top of the line.  I am investigating and will update.

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