Monday, December 20, 2010

Guinea Pig

I thought maybe we could save some money by ordering as a club (three or four vests).  It turns out by doing that the order turns into a "special order".  If some one needs to make a size exchange, then there is a restocking fee for a special order.  I think it's important to maintain the ability to exchange.

I am going to call Lil Joes and talk to Mike in person.  We have been having an e-mail conversation wherein I have divulged all my body measurements that were relevant to fitting a vest.  I am going to follow up with a phone call tomorrow and nail down prices and such.  I have a feeling the vests he is selling on eBay are seconds or special orders not picked up or exchanged.

I am going to buy a 2XL and we can all look at it, try it on, and generally fondle the fine leather.  No red liners...!  Yuck...

I will be the guinea pig for the Club because that's the kind of guy I am.  Yeah, I said pig.

(To be a member, you can buy any leather vest you want for your Club patches.  Or use a current one that is blank.  I am only looking into the Lil Joes vests because they are the best and have the breast pockets that look the best with the Club patches.)

Yeah, I know...

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