Sunday, December 19, 2010


Rendition Submitted

The idea to start a motorcycle club has been germinating in my mind for about two years.  Although I have been riding my Harley for about 9 years, the last two years have found me off the bike due to work and family constraints.   I have missed the companionship of like minded "tar heads".

Third Rendition

I began drawing possible back patch designs while in different training classes at work.  The training is mostly boring and repetitious.  Once my mind worked out the theme and such, I went through about five transmogrifications before coming up with the final patch.   I did not want the three piece outlaw type of back patch but one that pulled all the information and rockers into one piece.

Second Rendition

I partnered with a close friend and partner in this crime to have the patches created.    He and one other long time friend and rider comprise the three Charter members.   We drew straws and I pulled the shortest one electing me to be the president of the club.

This blog will be my ramblings, some history, philosophy and other nonsense.  A club website for news, pictures gallery, ride calendar and such will follow soon.

First Rendition

This erstwhile club is mostly to get a bunch of people together every month for "church" and to motivate/promulgate rides and networks for many sundry activities.

Oh, there will be an Iron Butt ride every summer solstice for sure.

Most of all, I want to spend more time on my Fat Boy Lo, with a bunch of fun folks, instead of spending so much time at work.

Yeah, I want to have fun with it.  Lotsa fun.  Almost feeling guilty because it is so much fun.  Because if I am Serious and you are Roebuck, who is minding the store...?

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