Sunday, July 29, 2012

OMC 2012 Summer Run Report

Big Easy, G-Man, RIP and Bomber in Hagerman

G-Man, Bomber and Big Easy at Redfish Lake Lodge

The summer ride began at the Beacon & 55 Chevron.       Rip then Bomber then Gman then The Big easy shows up for the ride with only a polo shirt.  but where is our leader …..crap the shoulder injury still has him recuperating.  The void was real. Thx to Rip for packing now the group still felt safe.  Where was everyone else?  The Duke’s father passed and we knew he would not make it.  The other founding members of the first 10 were MIA.  The four musketeers all agreed Gman would take the lead.  He was limping abit also cause his rear wheel of his bike was waiting for parts therefore he had to sell his soul to rent a bike for a cool $400.00 for two days…….but the show must go on….thanks Gman.  Hey Bomber no sun screen again?  The easy ride began with the group rotating the lead.  Horsehoebend, Banks, Garden Valley for devil eggs and advise from a cage driver that a speeding sting was lying ahead. Hey what is the story behind the 36 inch pepperoni on the Yamaha?   Rip took the lead cause he had the biggest speedometer….kept it right on 40 MPH.  Sure enough the motorcycle twins were waiting for us in the darkness of the trees.  Ogres blew by unharmed at 40 MPH.  Maybe next time boys.  On to Lowman for shedding layers, all but The Big Easy cause he always travels light.  On to Stanley for fuel, then to Red Fish for Lunch and needed rest again The Big Easy found people to talk to. Of course! Bomber took us over Galena Pass and down to SunValley where the boys needed more rest and ice cream.  The Big Easy then points out to Rip to lose the man purse and buy a vest for nerds.  Rip agreed and bought the vest of his dreams.  Pockets galore!  Onward the foursome rode to Gooding on the back roads, there we fueled and got a call from the motel.  Message see you in a hour.  Soon we pulled into Hagarman and checked in.  Easy was looking for grass to set up camp but the management said no campers so Rip begged for some companionship in room number 9.  Since the cost was zero Easy gave in.  We were on our way to eat but the City of Hagarman was shut down, blocked off from the public,,,, a gunman was shut up in a house and holding the police hostage outside his home.  We had to take the long way to dinner but made it in great style.  By the way Bomber by now looked like Rudolf.  Hey where is that sun block?  Dinner was great and then on to Miracle hot springs.  Question from the pool was “you guys want the private pool don’t you.  All looking at each other we grinned and said sure!  The Thueson boys just weren’t prepared for this.  Towels and swimming suit are a good idea guys.  Oh another thing Gman parked his bike pointing down hill……………………..Help!!! Easy muscled it in reverse.  Sleep was easy to do that night. 
Then the next morning we gathered for breakfast.  8:00am with a waitress that was mad at us.  I think it was Gman’s new hair do called the steel wool biker look.  To the river we drove till we came saw two head of deer in the river, then to a fork in the road.  Left to Grandview or right to Mountain Home and a milkshake.        MILKSHAKE!!!         Then after more rest Easy says” Hey guys would you like to go see a old car  ghost town?”  The 3 amigos began panting with anticipation.  Rip looked puzzled but once a musketter you are one of the guys.  Easy led the way.  By now the temp was 3 digits.  After a few miles we showed up at rust heaven.    After chewing the fat with the head junk dude the guys started begging to stroll around.  By now RIP was growing ill.  You see this is the closest RIP has ever been to rust .  Suddenly in a shrill voice Rip says he wants to go home.  So all alone RIP leaves for home and the ride is then officially over.  What a great trip!  Life Time memories just keep stacking up!
Can’t wait for Joseph!

Submitted by: Ripped City (Guest Blogger)

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