Thursday, July 5, 2012

OMC July 5th Meeting Report

The Garage Cafe

Duke, Bomber, Krome and Alex met at the clubhouse and rode to the Garage Cafe for the meeting.  Smooth, Rip and myself traveled solo and met up with them.  Present: Duke, Bomber, Krome, Smooth, Rip, Alex (prospect)  and Grim.  Absent:  Big Easy, Zeus and G-Man.

We had a great meal and discussed the matters on the table.  We discussed the firearms training and I will talk to the trainer about have the training in September.  We will probably shoot (pun intended) to have the training on a Saturday afternoon unless it doesn't work for most.

We made fun of G-man, even though he wasn't there, because it just didn't feel right unless we did.

The members present also had a demonstration of Rip City's cat-like reflexes when the cafe owner came and asked for his keys to move his "silver Harley".  Little did Rip know the guy was pranking him when he asked and knew he would get a violent reaction by asking another MC riding for this keys.  That was just terribly funny...I don't know care who you are.

There was also a discussion about using the OMC Summer Run as a revolving three day ride.  Starting next year members would take turns planning a three day ride for that third weekend in July and would submit a three day ride plan to the primary officers for approval.  A different member would submit a ride plan each year.  We will talk about it over the winter as it is to late to make the change for 2012.

Smooth and Krome advised us they would only be able to take advantage of half the Summer Run riding only Friday with us.  Just a reminder that half a ride does not meet the standards set in the By-Laws.  Just the same, I am very glad they are able to make it for part of the Summer Run.

A great time was had by all even though the maximum fun meter is only pegged when all members are present.

We talked behind G-Man's back some more and then adjourned.

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