Sunday, July 22, 2012

OMC Joseph Oregon Fall Run Registration Reminder

Joseph, Oregon

The OMC Joseph Oregon Fall Run should be a huge one.  What makes me think so?  Well, there are three members of the OMC that have not attended a Run so far in order to keep their OMC membership in good standing.  Secondly, the Joseph Oregon run is also, in my opinion, the crown jewel of all the runs.  Thirdly, if you aren't riding that Harley, you might as well trade it in for a minivan.  Lastly, maximum fun will be attained on this run.

So if you have not made your reservation, call the Indian Lodge Motel as soon as possible and make your reservation.  The information is on the OMC website:

GUESTS AND PROSPECTS ARE INVITED if invited my an OMC member in good standing.

Only four members were present for the Summer Run.  Report to follow.

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