Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iron Butt 2013 June 28 and 29

Iron Butt 2010

Yes, it's true.  We haven't had a 1000 mile Iron Butt ride since 2010 (see picture) on the traditional route designed by G-Man eons ago.

Hence, there will be an 1000 mile Iron Butt Ride on June 28 and 29.  The ride will start at the Chevron at Gowen/I-84 at 0600 hrs. (6 a.m.).  Promptly. 

This is not an OMC sanctioned ride nor does it take the place of the three OMC sanctioned rides.  Anybody and everybody is welcome.

The route is Boise - Pocatello - Idaho Falls - Missoula - Kellogg - Spokane - Ritzville - Tri Cities - Pendleton.  This loop is 1013 miles.  The entire ride is on the freeway but it is a very nice ride once we get past Idaho Falls. 

If you have an alternate route, bring your idea to the March meeting for discussion.

We will spend the night in Pendleton.  If you want to make reservations, you need to do this individually.

The second day will be a leisurely ride back through the Blue Mountains along the backroads.  Very nice.  We usually leave Pendleton about 0900 hrs. (9 a.m.).

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