Friday, January 18, 2013

OMC January 3rd Meeting Report

Bomber Missed His First OMC Event but I Wouldn't Mention It

The OMC January 3rd Meeting was held at the Clubhouse A at 7 p.m.  Present: Duke, Smooth, Krome, Grim, G-Man and Rip City.  Absent: Bomber (excused), Zeus (excused)  and Big Easy (unexcused, although Big Easy said he was bringing an alleged prospect).  Quiz:  Who is flakier ?.....G-Man, Big Easy, Krome or me....Never mind.

The three OMC sanctioned runs were reviewed and discussed.  Members in good standing were reminded that at least one run per year must be COMPLETED to maintain good standing in the Club.  Members in good standing were also reminded that 5 of the 6 meetings must be attended every year, unless excused, to maintain good standing in the Club.  One unexcused absence per year is the limit.

Krome has to do at least two runs this year to get off probation for missing all runs last year.  He said he is riding all three...!!!  That's why Krome is so Kool.

The yearly $25 dollar dues were paid by all except Bomber and Big Easy.  If you don't know my address to send the payment by January 30th, let me know and I will send the Sergeant at Arms to collect.  Or contact me and I will send you the address.

The meeting quiz was for G-Man to try to figure out why the number 15 is the OMC's official number. Many clues were wasted before we gave up and just told him.  I think having his rice burner in the Clubhouse upset the aura and Harley spirits usually present therefore affecting his brain.  Okay...maybe not.

Many new "15" patches were grabbed up.  Remember they can be worn "undercover" on other vests to represent quietly when preferred.  This patch is required for your official cut(s).  Remember also the only patch that can be on the center back or upper back of the cut is the main club crown patch.  Any questions, check out the OMC Club Charter on the official OMC website.

Huge and grateful kudos for Duke for fronting the money to be able to purchase all the OGRES patches.  We would not have a Club at all without Duke's generosity.  He is a fine and treasured friend.

The Duke is also the only person, not a cop, who is an honorary member of the Boise Police Association.  Thanks Duke.

Yeah...we have an Official OMC Website with information on all the Runs and meetings:

Is this report long enough...?

A long awaited 1000 mile Iron Butt Run was set for June 28th and 29th.  This ride is an extra ride and does not take the place of any of the other three runs needed to maintain good standing in the OMC.  It is open to anybody or everybody invited by an OMC member in good standing.  I sorta was scared of this ride the first year but it has easily turned into one of my favorite rides.  I love this ride.  Rip City is great entertainment during the stretch by the Tri Cities.  I just hope that cute chick who thought I was John Travolta from "Wild Pigs" is at the convenience store in Missoula again.  She is so perceptive.

Lastly, Rip City brought his tech envy instrument and everyone fondled it.  Hey, it was a rifle.  Nice.  Daniel Defense's best.  Bought just in time before "Barack Goes Bonkers".  Soon to come out as a movie.

Then G-Man did some car sales but that's another blog entry.

I am sure more important philosophical wisdom and witty entendre was exchanged but if you weren't there you missed out because some genius cannot be reconstructed.

The funniest stuff was when Rip City was the only one to not answer the challenge coin challenge.  The upcoming beverages he is buying will taste especially good.

If I did not offend at least one member in doing this report, maybe Rip City can make up for it in his upcoming report on the OGRES Night at the Idaho Stampede coming your way soon.

Brian Guthrie and Alex Klokke are no longer prospects for the OGRES MC.  They can be invited for any of the runs or rides but are not welcome at the meetings.  Alex will be reconsidered when he actually buys a Harley.  Brian has basically removed himself from consideration by his absence and silence.

Was this report long enough ?  I needed one more sentence to break the Guinnesss Book of Records for the longest OMC Meeting Report.  Or maybe I drank the most Guinness to be able to write this report.

Yeah, I know.  Holy crap, Frank.

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