Sunday, January 27, 2013

OGRES Challenge Coin Update



I checked with the vendor about the cost of ordering different quantities.  The cost of ordering 25 is more than if we ordered fifty.  The manufacturer asks a surcharge of $6 a coin for any quantities under 50.  They charge this due to the cost of changing out the massive dies and equipment when setting up for a new order.

Hence, the quantity of 50 would be the least we would want to order.  What I heard at the January meeting was everyone was pretty much happy with the challenge coins we were using and this was more a "nice to have" and not a "need to have".

I am good with that as I like the coin(s) we are currently using also but I wanted to throw this out for y'all to think about for the OMC meeting on March 7th.

Sorry I missed you for the Stampede game.  I was stuck in the airport at SLC waiting for a plane to come in from Denver for my last leg to Boise.  I know I missed a really great time.

Yeah, I know.

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