Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sad but Smooth Farewell


From Smooth:

Grim, this is a difficult email to write.  I sold my Harley-Davidson a few weeks ago with the intention of replacing it with something newer.  After considerable thought and discussion with my family, I've decided my riding days are over.

My association with you and the other OGRES has been fantastic.  Some of my best memories will be of our many rides together.  I'd like to stay in touch with the group in any way possible: such as cages rides, dinners, etc.  I will be getting my patches to you as soon as possible as soon as I get them removed from my vest.  Thanks to you and all of the OGRES for a great experience.


Grim's reply to Smooth:

I am sad to hear about your decision to leave the Club but I understand and empathize.  We will miss you as Smooth has been an important spoke in the wheel that is the OGRES MC.

There is no reason to remove your patches.  You have earned them.  The patches are yours to keep due to your long and honorable tenure with the OGRES MC.  Consider yourself an Emeritus OGRE.  Please keep them along with the OGRES best wishes for you and your family.



G-Man, Smooth, Grim and Duke


Smooth, Duke and Grim

Grim, Krome, Gundy, Smooth, Bomber, Rip City and G-Man

Bomber, Lee, Gundy, Smooth, G-Man, Joy and Slick


Adios Smooth

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