Saturday, July 23, 2022

OGRES MC Sanctioned Run Dates for 2023


Many OGRES MC members have taken to getting their reservations, for next year, at checkout this year. Hence Grim wanted to put out the dates for next year.

Spring Run: Thursday June 8 and Friday June 9 (Hagerman)

Summer Run:  Thursday July 20, Friday July 21 and Saturday July 22 (Salmon and Orofino)

Fall Run:  Thursday August 24 and Friday August 25 (Joseph)

The dates for the Summer Run have been moved back so we will no longer be at the Best Western with the PHU MC and the car show. It should make it nicer to use the pool and the restaurant.

Hope this helps. This should give all members enough notice so everyone is able to attend the Runs.

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