Friday, July 8, 2022

OGRES Motorcycle Club 2033 July Meeting Report


Rowdy, Duke, G-Man, Grim and Smooth

What a great time at the OGRES MC July meeting! 

Present: Smooth, Grim, G-Man, Duke and Rowdy. Absent: Krome, Slick, RipCity, Gundy and Bomber.

We met at the appointed place and time. The main order of business was to review a few details of the OMC Summer Run along with discussion about logistics and weather. G-Man informed us more details about the guest he has invited and the logistics involved in having the guest along (Duke will be "sweep" with G-Man and guest at the back of the rest of the pack). The guest is not a prospect at this time as he is currently riding a "H-Word".

At this time it appears as though the OMC members attending the OMC Summer run are: G-Man, Gundy, Duke, Grim and Bomber. Not attending: Smooth, Rowdy, RipCity, Slick and Smooth. 

The guest total is at three.

We also discussed marital sleeping customs, Circadian rhythms, mattress sizes (size does matter) and other important bedrooms matters. 

Trash talk was reserved mainly for Krome as he had the weakest excuse for non-attendance. (Smiley Face)

We adjourned to the nearby eatery. On the way, we checked out Dukes' new cage along with the trailer in tow. 

(For the record, Rowdy and Grim rode their motorbikes to the motorcycle club meeting.)

We enjoyed a nice meal in a fairly quiet and empty setting. A booth was bypassed for a table for tactical and safety reasons. 

It was actually quite nice to have a smaller contingent as there was one conversation instead of multiple ones. Topics will not be detailed here...if you weren't there, you don't need to know.

We finally and begrudgingly left the grill as Duke still had a drive to make to Garden Valley to one of his estates. The remainder of us went back to the barn and checked out Smooth's new cage. 

Next up: the OMC Summer Run is only one week away. Can't wait.

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